Leadership in the community and volunteer leadership from within our organization makes our projects and endeavors possible.

Get acquainted with our 2019-20 Board of Directors.

We are a 501(c)3 organization, and rely greatly upon the generous support of individuals who volunteer their time and resources to make our community service projects possible.

So I take this opportunity to thank the outstanding individuals below, for their time, volunteerism, hard work, and dedication in making our medical alliance an organization that truly serves our community.


Millicent Schandorf-Lartey, President
Sarasota County Medical Society Alliance

Millicent Schandorf-Lartey, MHA, MS

Executive Board

Bree Meredith, ARNP, AOCNP

Vice President, Executive Board
Co-Chair, Health Projects

Karry DiTomaso

Secretary, Executive Board
Co-Chair, Holiday Sharing Cards

Jessica Rahal

Treasurer, Executive Board
Chair, Finance & Budget

Erin Lilly

Immediate Past President
Chair, Nominating
Co-Chair, Communications & PR

Susie Reeder

Parliamentarian, Executive Board
Co-Chair, Governing Documents
Co-Chair, Data & Directory

Adeline Henriquez


Committee Chairs

Monica Slater Van Buskirk

Chair, Community Liaison

Dr. Stacy Greeter, MD

Co-Chair, Health Projects



Bonnie Silverman

Membership Chair


Magdalena Lewicki

Social Events Chair

Sara Gapin

Co-Chair, Holiday Sharing Cards

Cimmie Baran

Chair, Family Picnic


Linda Hoffberger

Chair, Family Support

Ricki Rubin

Co-Chair, Doctors' Day

Shannon Matthieson

Co-Chair, Doctors' Day


Phyllis Weitzner

Chair, Newsletter
Co-Chair, Data & Directory 

Jennifer Gerardi

Co-Chair, Newsletter
Official Photographer


Priyanka Gupta, PharmD

Co-Chair, Giving Challenge

Nicole Silverstein

Co- Chair, Moms Support

Alison Vesco

Chair, Book Club 

Linda Einisman

Co-Chair, Giving Challenge

Natalie Page

Co-Chair, Moms Support

Renae Lasday

Co-Chair, Governing Documents

Carol Dubin

Chair, Scholarships


Sarah Checcone, JD

Chair, Legislations


Our Community Partners

A Big Thank you to all our Sponsors

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